Blackdog Performance Cars

Financing & Shipping

At Blackdog Performance Cars we sell cars all over the world. We offer shipping assistance nationwide and work with our clients to purchase their dream vehicles.

Finance Options

We work with several qualified lenders and can get just about any vehicle financed.

If you have a specific bank or credit union you prefer to work with, we will work with them to get the deal done as well. We do not discriminate, if it helps us sell a car, we are happy to work with any lending institution!

A common question we get asked is what would be the monthly payment for a classic car. A good rule of thumb when looking into financing any car is for every $10,000 you borrow, you can expect a payment between $200.00 and $250.00 per month on a 60 month term, depending on credit of course. 

Most of the lenders we work with on a regular basis require a minimum credit score above 620 (with good debt to income ratio) to qualify for their sub-prime programs. The minimum down payment is 10% of the purchase price in most occasions. A 10 year/120 month term is available for vehicles as well.

Leasing is also an option for a few of our vehicles. This is reserved for high end exotic and classic cars that are mostly stock as far as performance modifications are concerned. 

If you have any questions regarding the finance or leasing options we have available feel free to call 847-634-7534 or email us at

Shipping Available

We work with transporters on a daily basis to ensure the quickest and safest delivery for the best price.

If you have ever tried arranging the shipping of a vehicle on your own you know what kind of massive headache it can be. You list the job on the appropriate site and in no time you have 30 different companies calling, texting, and email you promising you the world.

Our team does not give false time lines or false promises to earn your business. There are no extra fees at the end of the delivery, all charges will be discussed prior to booking the delivery, and all companies hired are bonded and insured.  

You are welcome to hire any shipping company on your own, but please do your research on the company before you book their services.

If you have any questions regarding shipping of a vehicle feel free to call 847-634-7534 or email us at 

Warranty Information

Protect your investment.

For most drivers, purchasing a high-end vehicle is a pretty large investment. While having a good warranty is important when buying any car, it’s especially crucial when it comes to investing in a pre-owned luxury vehicle.

We offer comprehensive coverage for most makes and models, including sports cars and exotics that can be used nationwide at any licensed service center, or right here at Blackdog Speed Shop. Ask us for a quote or more information.