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Blackdog Performance Cars is a specialty car dealer passionate about offering our customers the best Classic and Performance cars and trucks.  Part of the Blackdog family of performance companies that also includes Blackdog Speed Shop, a large, full-service facility for building, tuning and maintaining classic and performance cars of all eras; and Blackdog Racing, the 5-Time road racing series champions in GTS/GT4 America.  At Blackdog, we know performance and we have a passion for cars. 

Every vehicle sold by Blackdog goes through a complete vehicle inspection by a master mechanic.  You can buy with confidence knowing that every car and truck we offer for sale is right and ready to go.  If you want to customize your new purchase, we can do that that to.  When you choose Blackdog Performance Cars for your next purchase, you’ll be going with a winner.   

Blackdog sells cars worldwide.  We also have a showroom that is open to the public M-F 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.  You can reach us directly at (224) 352-2535 or email Chrisscheer@blackdogspeedshop.com to assist you with any auto sales inquiries.  


Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in our current inventory? Contact us and put our Dream Car Locating Team to work for you! We can locate the vehicle of your dreams and bring it right to your door.

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Blackdog Performance Cars

Blackdog Performance Cars is dedicated to bringing you an unbeatable specialty car shopping experience that will make your dream car purchase a reality. We share your passion of performance cars which is why most of our cars include a Dyno Sheet giving you real data about what's under your hood. Our services don't end there, we also offer after-sale vehicle maintenance, bespoke customization, OEM and after-market parts, insurance, client support, and sales consignment. Partnered with Blackdog Speed Shop, you'll have access to highly skilled technicians who are driven to deliver the same A+ quality work as we put into our championship racing team as well as award-winning custom performance and fabrication shop.

We offer cars for sale on consignment as well. If you have a classic, collectable, or performance vehicle you wish to sell but do not have the time or expertise to do so, let us sell it for you!

Chris Scheer - Sales Manager

Hello, my name is Chris Scheer, I am the Sales Manager at Blackdog Performance Cars. My love of cars began at a very early age. My Dad was the proud owner of a 1967 GTO convertible before being drafted into the service, and a 1970 GTO hardtop after he was discharged. This all took place before my time, and unfortunately the only thing he had left of either car were a couple of old pictures, but that was enough for me to pick up the love of the GOAT. I would drag my parents to car shows and classic car showrooms whenever time allowed during my youth. I would usually beg for a 'Deals on Wheels' classified magazine at a gas station so I could pour over it, and dream that someday I would have my own classic car, or collection of classic cars. My love of cars has always been there, so I decided to try selling new cars at a dealership, I didn't like that much and after a few years, I was fortunate enough to land an opportunity selling classic cars in St. Louis. I fell in love with the job. It was totally different than new car sales, and better yet, it reunited me with the cars that I fantasized over in my youth. I spent almost 4 years in St. Louis learning the ins and outs of classic cars, the market and trends, different build styles, and being able to recognize a good car and a great car. Which brings us to present day, and the amazing opportunity that I have been blessed with here at Blackdog Performance Cars. To have the chance to help build a performance car showroom from the very beginning stages is fantastic, couple that with an established speed shop and race team next door to bounce ideas off of, well that's just icing on the cake. I am a genuine person who wants to succeed, but wants to succeed the right way, making sure my customers are satisfied along the way. Teaming up with Blackdog is a perfect fit as we all feel the same way, customer satisfaction comes first, above all else. 

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Blackdog Performance Cars
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